“I think of you and your country daily. It sincerely was one of my very most favorite experiences ever and I am so grateful for having that day, which I continue to feel blessed by. I feel freer and I feel, for the first time in a very long time, hopeful. Thank you”

Casper K. – US

I often think about our conversations and honestly I missed them a lot … Many times when I was disappointed and vulnerable I brought in my mind your words and all the things you taught me the few days we spent together

Elle A. – Greece

“Adrian was truly good as gold and true to his word”

Larry R. – US

“He was very professional, informative, knowledgeable, friendly and very easy to have around. Adrian is
undoubtedly Romania’s secret Ambassador”

Bessie B. – US

“He is a very kind and easy going man with many great insights, very well spoken, so attentive that we felt like
part of the royal family”

Jay B. – US

“I honestly felt i was traveling with my own brother! We connected, chatted, he was caring, went out of the way, to
the extent he made me feel like royalty. Adrian, thanks for the laughs, stories and your attention to me! We are
going to be friends!”

Hasan R. – Singapore

“I can’t say enough great things about him. He speaks perfect English, is funny, knowledgeable, and helpful”

Andrea W. – US

“Professional and knowledgeable, yet warm and friendly. Completely trustworthy”

Jodi T – US

“On a personal note, Adrian is very interesting to talk to and has many funny stories about his colourful past
experiences and his somewhat unconventional views on the world. Thoroughly enjoyed hearing his personal take on things and opening my mind to new ideas”

Danielle B. – New Zealand

“Adrian and his Team are beyond wonderful. I felt like a Princess the entire time we were away. Amazing value,
amazing service…”

Leigh Bella S. – UK

“Adrian is a very interesting person with a lot of knowledge and a great life philosophy”

Sibylle D. – Germany

“Monica is a nice and funny woman, lively and welcoming”

Jan-David F. – UK

“Monica is a very energetic and motivated woman with a kind and knowing heart”

Andrii S. – Poland

“She is a superstar! Was a great pleasure to know you Monica. Wonderful beginning of a friendship”

Elif & Zeph T. – Turkey

“She is a very interesting, knowledgeable, talkative, nice, friendly and kind person, you will have a great and
enjoyable time chatting with her”

Chackie L. – Germany

“She is very cheerful person with very good sense of humor. I was very enjoyed by her funny stories from life”

Arseniy T. – Russia

“She let me feel like home and we laughed a lot. She is smart and easygoing and you will be in good company
with her”

Katy M. – Germany

“How great was the meeting with such a funny and easygoing person. Monica is just a volcano of energy and sense of humour. It is very funny to spend time with her and you can have a conversation on every topic you want. Her english is perfect. Very interesting , nice, inteligent person”

Karolina C. – Poland