Our offer

If you’re a traveler interested in more than just landmarks and travel guide recommendations, we can offer you another way of experiencing Romania and traveling in general, through cultural immersion and meaningful conversations, a journey in the outer world, as well as the inner universe, in an exchange of stories and experiences.

You can choose among some of these options, or request a customised travel plan:

  • Travel in good company – for those of you who want a travel companion for the duration of your visit in Romania. We will take care of everything while in Romania, no matter if you go sightseeing, shopping, doing business or going to a show. Should you decide that you need a travel companion outside Romania, too, that can be arranged.


  • Companions for an evening out¬†– for those of you who want company for a few hours in the afternoon/evening, for example a dinner in a local restaurant, an exclusive event, a cultural show, etc.
  • Meaningful travel – travel with a purpose: an extension of the “travel in good company” service, for those of you who are also¬†interested in doing some soul searching (according to your personal development goals, you can chose between Spiritual journey, Honest feedback, Life-coaching on the go, to mention a few). The “Meaningful Travel” service is available outside Romania, too.