Fundraising for off grid community in Romania

Who we are:

We are a group of 9 people from Romania. Four years ago we started an off grid community project in the South East of the country, a very quiet, remote site in the middle of hundreds of hills and forests (6 acres of land or 2.5 hectares).

Our plan:

Our goal is to create a community that can sustain itself 100% (food, energy, health, education, Spiritual life).

What we have done so far:

So far we have built a cabin, a greenhouse, a garden, an orchard, a cellar, a well, a sauna made of earth bags. The cabin uses electricity generated entirely from solar.

Our funds so far have been raised through independent activities that were brought to a complete stop by the recent events (private tour guiding and life coaching, details on and

What will the money be used for:

We aim to re-plant trees in the entire area (we own 6 acres of land already and we are in the process of buying another 11 acres) as many trees were cut through illegal logging. Also, we want to educate as many people as possible how to become autonomous through building their own house, building their own fresh water supply, gardening, installing solar power and small wind turbines, maintaining perfect health, living close to nature, having a Spiritual life.

We aim to raise funds in order to build more cabins on our land (this will allow us to receive more guests in the future, about USD 10000 ), complete the acquisition of the other 11 acres (about USD 10000), install extra solar power (about USD 3000), buy more building equipment (about USD 5000), plant more trees (about USD 2000).

The collected funds will be wisely spent and all contributors will receive updates about the project. USD 100 goes a long way here in Romania – for example it can buy 21 cubic feet of timber!

What to expect:

Updates will be provided weekly.

You can contribute and you will receive a gift:

1. Three life coaching sessions of up to 1 hour and a half each, via Skype, Whatsapp or another online platform of your choice. These life coaching sessions can be given as a gift to anyone you know. They can help with cases of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, personal issues, inner conflicts, work related problems, family problems, etc. Suggested contribution for this package is USD 150. Package available right away.

2. A private tour that includes a visit to the eco-village for 1 or 2 people (or up to 7 people).

You can choose between:

-Architecture Tour: Romania features a broad architecture styles, from houses built with local materials (stone, earth, wood) to churches, castles, massive modern buildings.

-Off-the-beaten-path Tour / Cultural Immersion Tour: we can include in this tour meeting the local people in their homes, maybe home made lunch, wine tasting at a winery in the area.

-Eco-Friendly / Nature Tour: we can include in this tour a visit to an amazing salt mine in the area, the muddy volcanoes, a walk in the forest, receiving know-how about alternative energy solutions and building your own eco-village.

-Return to Romania Tour: if you have already visited Romania in the past, we can include a visit to the eco-village or even an overnight here. This tour is highly customizable – we can suggest other stops, low-cost or luxury hotel accommodation, restaurant meals or home made meals, etc.

Suggested contribution for this package is USD 250 for a one day tour for 2 people or USD 350 for a one day tour for up to 7 people. It includes private transportation by Subaru Forester SUV or Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer van. It doesn’t include entrance fees, parking, if any, meals. Package available spring of 2021, but you can start making a contribution sooner.

3. Three life coaching sessions plus a private tour. Suggested contribution for this package is USD 400 (private tour for 2 people) or USD 500 (private tour for up to 7 people). Package available spring of 2021, but you can start making a contribution sooner.

Other ways to contribute:

Carbon-footprint-offsetting optional fee to tours: Some people may be interested in contributing to an environmentally friendly cause to help neutralize the carbon footprint from their flight and/or the gas or diesel used on tour. Donation is up to you.

Donor wall – people pay USD 50 and their name is written/engraved/carved onto/into bricks, tiles, wood, etc.

Why can the contributor trust us and the project ?

We have been on Tripadvisor since 2014. We have 191 reviews:

We received a Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019!

More testimonials regarding our life coaching sessions here:


How you can make a contribution:

We aim to raise an extra USD 30 000, besides our funds, for all our goals (purchase of another 11 acres of land, building more cabins, purchase equipment, etc).

Via PayPal: you can use the option “send to family and friends”and send your contribution to this PayPal account:

Via Revolut: you can ask by email to to be added with your Revolut name and phone number to our list of contacts and, after you receive confirmation that you were added, you can send your contribution by Revolut, directly to our phone number (0040730881789). Do not send a link via Revolut!

Via bank wire: please send us an email and we will provide details.

A list of all the contributions, as well as the total amount being raised so far will be published on this page weekly. Your name will be mentioned on the list only with your consent, otherwise it will be written “anonymous contributor from ….. (your place – city and country)”

Thank you so much!

Let this be an opportunity to know each other and start a beautiful friendship!

Timeline of progress:

2016 – the project starts with 4 acres of land and building of the first cabin

2017 – building of the well and cellar; purchase of another 2 acres of land

2018 – building of the green house and earth bag sauna

2019 – building the fence around the land

2020 – start building cabin no.2 and cabin no.3

Projected/expected timeline:

2021: finalising construction of cabin no.2 and no.3, planting of another 50 trees in the orchard (most of them wallnut trees). Maybe purchase of more land, depending on the funds available.

Update October 1st, 2020: we have started the construction of the second cabin (foundation, pillars and roof); the earth bags walls will be started spring of 2021.

Update October 25th, 2020: we have just puchased construction materials worth of USD 4000, for the 3rd cabin of our community (645 square feet).

Update December 4th, 2020: we have installed the roof over the third cabin! Soon we will resume work and continue with the rest of the roof, the walls, the windows and doors.

Update January 31st, 2021: we have installed the windows, front door and plywood outside walls on the third cabin. We continue with the insulation and interior finishing. Photos below.


-Anonymous from New York – Feb 2nd, 2021 – US 1275 – Thank you!

CONTRIBUTORS’ WALL is to be found inside cabin no. 3

First cabin, built 2016
First well, built 2017
The cellar
The greenhouse, view from the outside
The greenhouse on the inside
The earth bags sauna
The second cabin being built
Construction materials cabin no 3 – photo 1
Construction materials cabin no 3 – photo 2
The third cabin – December 3, 2020
The third cabin – December 4, 2020
Third cabin – end of January – 1
Third cabin – end of January – 2
Third cabin – end of January – 3
Third cabin – end of January – 4