Frequently Asked Questions (mainly connected to the “Meaningful Travel” section)

1.Is this an escort service in disguise?

No, this is not an escort service. This is either a companion life coach service or a remote life coach service, depending on your choice.

2.Who can benefit from this service?

We don’t restrict access to this service to anyone. However, it only works if one has a genuine desire to improve their life. Motivation is paramount. Certain people are in love with their suffering and they are not committed to make a change. We are sorry to say that they might not be ready to work with us.

3.How does it work?

First we do one or two Skype/Whatsapp sessions, free of charge, in order to establish if we have a good communication and if we feel our interaction is useful. Ideally, the next sessions should be face to face, either in Romania, if you come visit, or any other place in the world. If that is not possible, we can continue with the Skype/Whatsapp sessions. We accept PayPal. Our fee is very affordable by Western standards.

4.I don’t think Skype/Whatsapp sessions work for me. What other options are there?

We can do 7 to 10 days assignments face to face (or any other amount of time under 7 days). We are very flexible and very mobile. If you live in the US, UK, the Middle East or anywhere else in the world, we can travel and work with you where you are. In this case, besides the daily fee, you have to cover the travel and lodging expenses.

5.Why is the price of the paid sessions so low? 

The service is provided by people that have a genuine passion for helping others. It is a privilege and an honour to work with others. One comes to a place in their life when they feel they have received so much and they feel like giving something back to the world. 

6.How about the results?

The outcome of our work together is not only getting rid of your fears, depression, anxiety, inner conflicts. We target a life with a higher awareness level, inner peace, filled with joy and balance. We should be off to a great start within a fairly short amount of time. It all depends on one’s motivation and commitment.